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“Karl is one of those rare thoughtful and expressive writers who’s never self-conscious. His writing has verve.”
–Clay Smith, editor, the Austin Chronicle

“Karl has been a much appreciated asset here at Epicurious. His writing is sharp, clean and efficient and his editorial skills are excellent.”
–Ian McCulloch, content administrator, Epicurious.com (Conde Nast Digital)

“Karl’s work for Thinkwell was outstanding. I highly recommend him.”
–Gary Livingston, content advisor, Thinkwell

“Karl is sharp and eloquent, talented and driven. His unique perspective on life pervades his writing, which sparkles in the way that clichés cannot, and which has a memorable, incisive quality. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.”
–Kelly Horan Jones, managing editor, foodline.com

“Karl’s copywriting is precise, fresh, and very, very smart. We valued his work for healthshop.com – his bank of knowledge is broad and deep and he has the initiative to provide rich, insightful copy far surpassing our expectations.”
–Jennifer Weaver, content editor, healthshop.com

“Karl is THAT good. My best advice: Hire him.”
–George Nickas, senior content strategist, deja.com

Since 1999 my fiction has won awards and even earned me a free ride to a prestigious Master’s program in creative writing at Boston University. Now what I find most satisfying is to stretch my creative muscles on behalf of others to exceed their editorial expectations and help make them happier as published authors or as corporate clients. 

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“Karl Monger is the best in the business, and for me, his services made the difference between success and failure. The publishing industry is highly competitive, and if you wish to succeed, you must have an edge, you need an editor, and if you need an editor, why not hire the best?”
–Stephen Yanoff, author of Turbulent Times and The Second Mourning, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award and the 2016 USA Regional Excellence Book Award

“I appreciated working with Karl [on Traveling On One Leg] not only for his prompt help but also for his expertise in scholarly writing.”
–Valentina Glajar, translator of Traveling On One Leg (nominated for the 1999 American Translators Association Award) by Herta Müller, awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature

“Karl’s expertise in the nuances of writing and storytelling far surpassed my expectations. After working with Karl and seeing what he did with my work, I got excited all over again as if I was reading it for the first time. I highly recommend hiring him. Your book and your readers will thank you.”
–John Callas, author of Secrets and assistant director of The Hills Have Eyes Part II