Editing Services

Thank you for stopping by. If you’re here, it’s probably because you are serious about your writing, about finding an agent, and about being a published author. Let me start by talking about what I do.

I edit book manuscripts for everything from grammar and flow to consistency in the development of plot and character, and in the process I work to improve everything in between. My goal is to develop an ongoing professional relationship with publishing writers and to inspire—through constructive guidance—those writers who are just starting out. Many of my clients, I’m proud to say, are regularly or previously published authors. At the same time, I’m constantly working with first-time authors. My knowledge of popular trends in television, fiction, and film supports a keen awareness of the marketability of story projects.

I offer a free sample edit and price quote up front so prospective clients can see for themselves how my editorial tendencies stand to improve their books. Click here for more information.